7 May –

Kevin, stop teasing me. That was years ago.

Thank you once again for all of the attention, and especially for the gifts. If I eat one more marshmallow pie, I’m going to burst.

Time to think about heading back into the studio. That last trip was very difficult; I think that the kids that they selected to play me were overdoing it a little. Every one of them somehow thought that I had a lisp and a limp. And I didn’t appreciate that there were two girls. I mean, I see the resemblance, but the joke was in bad taste.

9 May –

I didn’t write at all yesterday because I think I have a girlfriend. I’m not sure, because I’ve always been kind of bad at reading body language and picking up on subtle clues and things like that, but I’m pretty sure, anyway. I mean, how can you mistake something like that?

They told me not to mention it because some of you might like me less if you thought that you couldn’t be my girlfriend. That’s just silly, right?

10 May –

Oops, I guess I was wrong. She’s not my girlfriend after all. I don’t know what she was doing yesterday. I should not be so gullible, but holed up here without any visitors, any little attention, kindness, or even a smile can be interpreted by a desperate soul, such as me, and twisted. Add a bit of wish fulfillment, a dash of loneliness, and a dollop of foolishness and voila…you think “Ah a special person who sees me as the center of their universe.” Well, that might be a bit overblown, but there you have it. I feel foolish and vulnerable. I better get up and smell some real flowers not some fantasy conjured up out of boredom.

Well, I still have all of you. I appreciate that you all haven’t been pestering me with comments and questions like right after my accident. For a while, not an hour would go by without an email, a tweet, and so on. Now entire days pass in blessed silence. It shows that you’re all so considerate, when I just know you’re jumping out of your skins to find out when I’m going to be making more music.

OK I wouldn’t mind a little sympathy. I bet there are a lot of you out there who have also created a fantasy out of a smile, only to have that bubble burst way too soon.

** I would like to send a special thank you out to all of my friends and family who have been helping me through this from day 1

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