This Morning

It was a very nice morning. I had a little extra time on my hands so I was able to tend to a couple things that I have been putting off but more importantly I was able to spend a little quality time on the back porch in the swing. I don’t ever seem to have much time for myself anymore. I have taken on the role of caring for my grandson. It has really occupied much of my free time not that I had a ton of it to begin with. It seems that more and more often I am helping him with homework, playing catch, taking him to football and an assortment of other errands that every parent has to deal with, I’m sure.

Lucky for me, this morning I was able to get him out of the house earlier than normal. My wife had a few plans of her own so she got up with him early and headed out for some Dr. and dentist appointments she had set up for them. She was going to take to these appointments and drop him off at school. I didn’t have any real notice. I just found out about the free time this morning so I didn’t have time to set up anything really special but I jumped all over the chance to spend some alone time when they left. It occurred to me that I should likely sleep in but on second thought it seemed like such a waste of time so I decided to get up.

I decided I would start the day off with a nice brisk walk. I always used to get a mile or 2 in before my day started but those days have vanished. I love taking the dogs out in the morning for a stroll. I got both the dogs ready with their harnesses and their leashes. They get so excited when we can go for a walk. Once we were all dressed we took off and walked down to the 7-11 for a coffee. I enjoyed the Iced coffee on the way home and the entire trip lasted maybe an hour. I took a little detour on the way home to stop at the dog park. The dogs got a little worn out so they dragged a little there at the end.

When we got back I headed straight got back for a little porch swing action. I had one of these when I was living in Oregon through high school and every since then I have had to get one at every new house I have moved to. There is nothing like spending some one on one time with a porch swing. You can really clear your mind.